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Isilwane was established to address a gap in the Enterprise Risk Management, Security and Loss Control, Investigations and Forensic consulting industry in Zambia and the global emerging markets.

Unlike most agencies that focus on traditional methods of managing organizational risks, our founders saw a profound need for holistic approach and Isilwane exists to undertake such projects.

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Isilwane Consultancy and Training was established in March 2019 and is registered in the Republic of Zambia under the Companies Act (No 10 of 2017) as a Limited Company. The Company’s Registration Number is 120190002065. Isilwane is also registered with the Zambia Revenue Authority and our Tax Pin Number is 1018485640.Our exceptional Consultancy work, training and customizable curriculum have earned numerous commendations from our clients, as well as the state, and local law-enforcement agencies. .

Recognizing that a well-trained and fully prepared Security and Loss Control Practitioner, Investigator or Enterprise Risk Management Practitioner is the key to successful asset protection, our comprehensive and innovative training programs are the foundation of our service.The Isilwane founders continue to guide the institution by working closely with the regulatory authorities, our clients, students, and surrounding communities. Our commitment to Exceptional Service Partnership (ESP) is long term and unlimited, strengthening our clients’ organizations, which we serve.



“Isilwane’s classes are one of the best I have attended. Isilwane is skilled at engaging the class, providing information in a helpful manner, and giving individuals the direction they need to feel competent and comfortable administering the programmmes. As a result of Isilwane’s class, I am looking forward to using theskills in my organization’s professional initiatives. I highly recommend Isilwane Consultancy And Training as an instructor!”

Kenneth Banda
Livingstone Foundation


“Isilwane Consultants are expert project managers, strong facilitators and excellent subject matter experts. They have extensive knowledge in the field of Management Consultancy and in the nature of human beings and have the talent to facilitate real improvements.

David Paganoni
Icotech Africa