Products And Services

The world economy is now driven by knowledge-intensive industries. The term “knowledge-intensive” is increasingly subsuming every industry. It is knowledge that confers competitive advantage in today’s economy. Our tagline “Your Training Partner of Choice” reflects our commitment to being the best knowledge partner our clients can find.
Isilwane offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge through our three main service departments. Our expertise is used to create customized solutions that supports our clients in managing their organization’s risk portfolios and profit improvement.

Our Management Consultancy services include the following:

  • We assist our clients to development and implementation enterprise wide risk management systems
  • We provide enterprise risk management and security and loss control risk assessments
  • We design and develop policies and procedures in enterprise risk management, fraud risk management, security and loss control management and investigations management for our clients

Our Professional Training includes the following:

  1. Certificate in Security and Loss Control Management
  2. Certificate in Cyber Security
  3. Diploma in Security and Loss Control Management
  4. Advanced Diploma in Security and Loss Control Management
  5. Executive Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management
  6. Executive Diploma in Investigations Management
  7. Diploma in Criminology

We are at an advanced stage of negotiation with a University in Zimbabwe which we intend to accredit to. We also intend to open negotiations with one of the reputable universities in Zambia to be accredited to.

Our Workshop Training includes the following areas:

  • Forensic accounting Investigators
  • Forensic Healthcare Fraud Investigators
  • Forensic Insurance Investigators
  • Forensic Auditing
  • Certified Enterprise Risk Managers
  • Certified Enterprise Risk Champions
  • Forensic Corporate and Criminal Investigators
  • Forensic Report Writing
  • Security and Loss Control Supervisors
  • Executive Security and Loss Control Management